• Welcome! My name is Robert Schnabel and I am looking forward to working with the seventh graders this year. We will be exploring science and how it relates to the world around us. I know that science can be a difficult subject for some students, and my goal is to provide plenty of relevant examples to make sure that everyone has a clear understanding of the material.


    Room A107
    phone: (903)872-3979
    Bell Schedule: 
                                   Morning Release                                                                   7:53
    1st period               Conference                                                                          8:00-8:50
    2nd period              7th Grade PreAP Science (homeroom)                               8:54-9:44
    3rd period               7th Grade PreAP Science                                                    9:48-10:38
    4th period                                                                                                          10:42-11:14
                                   A Lunch                                                                             11:18-11:48
                                   B Lunch                                                                              11:48-12:18
                                   C Lunch                                                                              12:18-12:48
    5th period               7th Grade PreAP Science                                                   11:13-12:43
    6th period               7th Grade PreAP Science                                                   12:52-1:42
    7th period               7th Grade PreAP Science                                                    1:46-2:36 
    8th period               8th Grade PreAP Science                                                    2:40-3:30 
    Grading Policy:
    50% daily grades & quizzes
    50% test grades 
    Homework Policy: 
    I understand how busy our students are outside of class, so homework will be kept to an absolute minimum. In return, I ask that student come prepared to learn everyday.
    Mondays and Wednesdays 7:20-7:50 AM.  I can Student must get a tutorial pass