• 2015-2016 Classroom Procedures and Rules

    Communicating with the teacher

    If you need to get in touch with your teacher during the day, please email her at:

    Crystal Allinen- callinen@cisd.org        Judy Abshier- jabshier@cisd.org

    Kaci Anderton- kanderton@cisd.org    Jessica Gardner- jgardner@cisd.org

    Lisa Gonzales- lgonzales@cisd.org       Teresa Hill- thill@cisd.org

    You may also call the Bowie office at 903-872-6541 and leave a message.  Your teacher will return your call as soon as possible.


    Take-Home Folder

    Your child will begin bringing home a Take-Home folder the first week of school.  The Take-Home folder will include the homework sheet to be initialed by you. There is also a 9 week calendar for conduct.  Please look at the calendar for any conduct issues for the day. No remark means GREAT DAY! There will be a weekly newsletter in the folder. This will have spelling words for the week.  I also use this folder to send homework, notes from the office, and any notes from me.  You may also correspond with me by sending any notes in the folder, and I will either write a note back or call you as soon as I can. 


    Graded Papers - Your child will bring home weekly Graded Papers. This will have their work that has been graded. Please look over, sign the sheet and send both the work and folder back to school.



    Homework will begin the second week of school. Spelling words and vocabulary are listed on the weekly newsletter.  Any homework that requires handwriting must be done in pencil.


    Changes in Transportation

    If there is ever a change in your child’s transportation, for the day or permanently, please send a note in his/her Take-Home folder or call the office.  Please do not rely on your child to remember to tell me this important information.  If there is not a note or a phone call from the office, your child will be sent home by their regular means of                                                                                                                                                                                                                          transportation.


    Lunch Times:

    Allinen/Anderton - 11:25-11:55

    Gardner/Gonzales - 11:30-12:00

    Hill/Abshier - 11:35-12:05

    3rd grade conference time:  12:10-1:00





    Bowie Elementary School

    Third Grade

    Classroom Discipline Plan


    Bowie Basics

     I will be respectful.
    I will be responsible.
    I will be safe.
    I will build relationships.
    I will be prepared.

    Weekly Consequences for Conduct Slips

    1.  Teacher / Student Meeting

    2.  Loss of Privileges at Teacher’s Discretion

    3.  Contact parent or guardian.  Additional loss of privileges

    4.  Office referral


    Nine Week Citizenship Grading Scale (Per Week – Scores will be averaged.)

    0=100   1=90   2=80   3=70   4=50   5=0



     *Students will be asked to sign the conduct book for not being prepared for class, and not following the Bowie Basics.  Every Infraction is 10 points off daily conduct.  Any student that spends the day in ISS, will receive a conduct grade of a 50 for the day. No student with a citizenship grade lower than a B, will be allowed to attend the field trip.