• Homecoming Kicks Off with ‘My Mum is Special’

    Hayes with button Trent Hayes, a senior at Corsicana High School, was inspired by his youngest brother to celebrate “Ho-Co” in a special way.  HOCO, short for Homecoming, is traditionally celebrated with a week of activities for students ending with the football game and mum exchange.  Hayes has proposed that money traditionally spent on mums and arm garters be donated to Special Education at Corsicana ISD in exchange for a button, “My Mum is Special.”

    Hayes proposed the idea to his high school principal:

    Hayes’ proposal [excerpt]

    One of the most influential values I have witnessed in my years at CHS has been the importance of unity, especially for the greater being of our community and for an honorable cause.  Because of this reoccurring theme I have become motivated to create a new tradition; one that embodies and furthers the ideals of our school and student body.

    As we approach HOCO Week, the popular tradition of wearing mums and garters…. could be a superior way to implement a cause.  My proposal is to sell buttons during homecoming week as an alternative or addition to the mums and/or garters, and use the money raised to benefit our Special Education department. 

    The buttons…demonstrate Tiger spirit, and can easily be added to a mum or garter if desired.  These buttons would feature the Corsicana C Logo, and include the phrase, “My Mum is Special.”

    My motivation is my youngest brother who has autism.  Growing up in a home with a child with special needs has taught me a lot of essential lessons.  For the parents and families of disabled children, accommodating educational needs can be very challenging, yet extremely rewarding.  This charitable event provides a way for our student body to aid and come together for a local cause…


    “Trent Hayes exemplifies the motto of Corsicana High School, ‘Take Care of Corsicana,’” said Principal Shade Boulware.  “We believe in taking care of one another for the greater good of all.  Creating a sense of community, spirit and family should be a priority.”

    “I am extremely proud of this young man’s desire to contribute his time, talent, and knowledge for us to embrace a very important and worthwhile benefit for our students.”

    After graduation, Hayes wants to pursue a degree in biomedical science and attend medical school. 

    The buttons will be sold for $5 each.  Students can purchase buttons at CHS during lunch hours. Community members may purchase buttons at the front office at CHS from 8am-4pm.  Cash and checks will be accepted.  Checks should made payable to Corsicana ISD Special Ed.  Steve Hayes, father, has agreed to donate the first 500 buttons to the cause.

    Superintendent of CISD Dr. Diane Frost posted her thoughts on Facebook: “Trent’s idea to transition the focus of the mums…is an important message…. Personally, I am thankful for students like Trent who are willing to lead and make CISD an even better district.”

    Homecoming Week for Corsicana High School is set for September 19-23.  The Homecoming Football game versus Manor High School will be on Sept. 23.  Kick-off is at 7:30pm at Tiger Stadium.