• Grades:

    What determines my grade?

    • Daily Grades:
      • Assignments
      • Participation
      • Citizenship
    • Exam Grades:
      • Tests and Essays
      • Projects and Presentations

    What does my grade mean?

    • 90-100: I understand and can prove that I understand. I am ready to move forward.
    • 80-89: I understand, but I have trouble showing that I understand. I need some review.
    • 20-79: I am not sure I understand, so I need to support my understanding with practice.
    • Below 70: I do not understand yet. I just need to go over it again and get more support when I practice.


    • Homework will only become necessary if your work is not completed in class.

    Late Work and Absences:

    • For unexcused absences and late work there is a 10% penalty per day it is late.

    Supply List

    Acquire and bring these to class. If you have difficulty getting these items, talk to me.

    • Three ring binder (1” or larger)
    • Divider tabs
    • Notebook paper
    • Pencils
    • Pens
    • Highlighters

    Each student should bring classroom supplies. If we all pitch in, we all reap the rewards. Here is a list of supplies to bring based on your period:

    • 1st Period: Box of Tissue Paper
    • 2nd Period: Glue
    • 4th Period: Notebook Paper
    • 5th Period: Expo Markers
    • 6th Period: Tape
    • 7th Period: Pencils/Pens
    • 8th Period: Posterboard