• Drane Learning Center Drane to become Learning Center for Early Childhood and Gifted & Talented Programs
    Information and Pre‐Registration for Early Childhood Programs – April 10 at 5:30 pm

    This summer, Drane Intermediate will transform into the Drane Learning Center for Early Childhood programs and the district’s elementary Gifted and Talented program. This blended early education setting will serve several programs that are currently offered at various locations across the district.

    Early learning programs including: the state‐mandated pre‐ kindergarten, currently at Carroll Elementary; the Dual Language pre‐kindergarten, currently at Sam Houston Elementary; and the Preschool for Children with Disabilities, currently at Carroll Elementary and the Travis Center ‐‐ will all be housed at the Drane Learning Center this fall. In addition, CISD partners with Head Start to provide child care and early learning opportunities for qualified students. Head Start, currently at the Travis Center, will be a part of the programs offered at Drane.

    “By combining these programs into one Learning Center we are able to focus support on high‐quality early learning that promotes Kindergarten school readiness for children,” said Dr. Diane Frost, superintendent of Corsicana ISD.

    The elementary Gifted and Talented program, currently housed at Fannin Elementary, will have dedicated space at the Drane Leaning Center.  All programs at Drane will have access to the auditorium, cafeteria and gym as well as outdoor recess areas and playgrounds to be installed this summer.

    Parents interested in enrolling their children (age 4 by Sept. 1, 2017) in an Early Childhood Program are encouraged to come to the district‐wide Pre‐Kindergarten Information and Pre‐Registration Session at Drane on Monday, April 10 at 5:30 pm. (See news announcement below for more information.)

    The Dual Language Pre‐K program is an extension of the Dual Language Program at Sam Houston Elementary. This program is intensive and taught in two languages (Spanish and English). Parents interested in the Dual Language Pre‐K will sign‐up for their student(s) to take an admission test on April 10. Qualified students will be able to pre‐ register.

    Many changes are taking place at Corsicana ISD as several 2014 Bond projects will be completed this summer. One of the Bond projects includes moving the 6th  grade students at Drane Intermediate School, to combine with 5th grade across the District, to create Collins Intermediate School on what is now the middle school campus. Middle school students, 7th  and 8th  grades, will go to the new Corsicana Middle School being constructed behind Tiger Stadium.

    Several parent information sessions are being scheduled in April to address questions and provide information on the upcoming changes for next year. Please see our calendar for upcoming important dates.