• Corsicana ISD Regional Day School for the Deaf

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     Mission Statement

    The mission of the Regional Day School Program of the Deaf (RDSPD) is to provide services and support to all deaf and hard of hearing students to allow them the opportunity for a bright future.  This bright future is realized through rigorous education, family and community education, advocacy, and strong relationships.  Our students, ranging from infants to young adults, will receive specialized instruction, social opportunities, resources, and a caring staff that will lead students to achieve their highest potential.

    Vision Statement

    The vision of the Regional Day School Program for the Deaf (RDSPD) is to expand and continually improve the educational opportunities, programs, and services for all students who are deaf and hard of hearing.  Communication progress and academic growth will be assessed allowing students to visualize their personal and individualized goals and potential.  Families will be provided support through the opportunity to attend sign language classes, support in the understanding of deaf culture, support in understanding their rights, and become a partner in their child’s education.

    Our Staff is Deaf-initely Awesome

    The Regional Day School Program for the Deaf (RDSPD) will provide a staff dedicated to building relationships with students and families.  We possess a love for the language and culture and see the opportunity to provide services to students in the RDSPD as a calling.  Many of the staff members within the RDSPD have a history of deaf or hard of hearing in their own families and feel called to help students learn to advocate for themselves, feel accepted, and reach their maximum potential.

    Corsicana High School                                                          

    Jessica Pfol-Deaf Ed Teacher                                                         

    Alexis Caruso-Deaf Ed Teacher                                                      

    Tish Huddleston-Lead Sign Language Interpreter

    Nicki Biggs-Sign Language Interpreter

    Lourdus Ramos-Communication Aide

    Stella Aparicio-Communication Aide

     Corsicana Middle School

    David Alexander-Deaf Ed Teacher

    Shelly Chapman-Communication Aide

     Collins Intermediate School

    Casey Ragsdale-Deaf Ed Teacher

     Fannin Elementary School

    Jordan Zabojnik-Deaf Ed Teacher

    Wendi Baker-Deaf Ed Teacher

    Amber Miller-Communication Aide

    Emory Atilano-Communication Aide

     Itinerant Teachers

    Margie Crow-Deaf Ed Teacher

    Cissy Brown-Deaf Ed Teacher


School Districts Served by the Corsicana ISD Regional Day School Program for the Deaf