Dual Credit

  • Corsicana High School is proud to offer dual credit classes through a partnership with Navarro College.  Dual credit allows high school students an opportunity to earn college credit while in high school.  This process includes enrolling in college courses, earning college credit, and earning credit toward high school graduation. This opportunity lays the foundation for college expectations.

    We offer two different dual credit paths for students. Students who TSI test and meet qualifications at the end of their eighth grade year may be eligible for the Higher Start Program. Higher Start students begin college courses their freshman year. Students who do not qualify for the Higher Start Program may TSI test and begin college courses their junior year. Students are only allowed to enroll in courses for which they have met TSI requirements.

Dual Credit Courses

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College Credit and Your Transcript

    • Students and parents are responsible for all Navarro College tuition, fees, and books if the student does not pass the course with a “C” or above or drops the course.
    • Although students are considered passing with a "D" and receive college credit by college standards, you will not receive high school credit on your transcript for a "D" and may be required to CHS equivalent course to fulfill graduation requirements
    • Beginning in the fall of 2016, Navarro College instructors will provide numerical final course grades as well as letter grades. 
    • Failing grades earned in dual credit courses will be entered on the student’s transcript. 
    • If a student fails to turn in an official Navarro College Transcript the grades earned from dual credit courses will not be added to their CHS transcript. 

    College Credit Converter

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