• Miss Brandon’s 8th grade ELA

    Classroom Rules

    Prompt, Prepared, Productive, and Polite.



    *Come to class ready to work and stay on task every day.  You must be in your seat when the tardy bell rings.

    *Missing school for an illness or a family emergency is okay.  Otherwise, you need to be at school on time every day.  Missing class puts you behind and can cause your grade to drop.  If you do miss my class, it is your responsibility to get your make up work.




    *Bring all materials needed for class each day.  Make sure you come in class with something to write with EVERYDAY.

    *Come in class and begin the warm up each day.  Do not wait for the tardy bell to ring to begin working.  You need to sit down and begin when you enter the classroom.





    *Use the most out of the class time.  REMEMBER you make the grade you receive in this class.  Every day you will be learning something new, so make sure you come to class ready to work with a positive attitude.

    * Do your best on every assignment you do in here.  I am not asking for anyone to be perfect, but I am asking for you to put forth your best effort.  PARTICIPATION is the key to success.  If you are listening to discussions and actively participating, you are learning.  There is no wrong answer in this class; it’s simply an opportunity to expand your knowledge.


    *ALWAYS use polite words and tone of voice when talking to anyone in this class.

    * Please leave other people’s property alone

    *Work to solve problems constructively, without violence.

    *Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.