• Amy Gibbs Principal of Bowie Announces Retirement 

    Amy Gibbs, principal at Bowie Elementary announced her retirement plans to the campus staff early today. Gibbs has been principal at Bowie Elementary for the last six years and plans to retire at the end of December.

    “I want you all to know how much you mean to me and how much I have enjoyed working with you...,” Gibbs started in her email to staff. “You occupy a very special place in my heart and always will.”

    Gibbs went on to say that she is retiring after the tragic loss of her daughter‐in‐law last August. She will help take care her seven‐month‐old grandson while her son pursues college full‐time.

    “This decision was not easy on me, as I am very close to you [staff] here at Bowie, as well as our students and parents.  As you know, family always comes first,” said Gibbs.

    While the decision Gibbs made to retire early was unexpected, CISD Superintendent Dr. Diane Frost, offered her sincerest wishes for retirement. “Ms. Gibbs has been a wonderful leader for Bowie.  We certainly support her, and her husband Chris, as they make decisions in the best interest of their family.”

    The immediate opening for new leadership will be given careful consideration. “I am meeting with Bowie grade‐level leaders and district staff this afternoon. We will be devising a strategy and timeline to find the best person to lead our Bowie campus,” said Frost.

    “I love you all and wish only the absolute best for Bowie Elementary,” said Gibbs. Gibbs will retire with in December with 25 years of service to public education.