• Collins Intermediate Spring 2018 Academic UIL Results 

    2018 Collins UIL Winners

  • Collins Intermediate School sixth grade UIL winners include (left to right) Maddie Branch, Elaine Meyers, Caleb Watkins and Aiden Johnson. Adrian Baston, Amber Northern, Erin Northern and Lexie Fulton not pictured.

    Collins Intermediate School fifth grade UIL winners include (front row, left to right) Nate Yvon, Trey Ihle, Colton Stewart, Antonio Garcia, Cambryn McCollum, (back row), Isabelle Cox, Emma Guerrero, Kennadie Gross, Nicholas Bracken, Nathaniel Bracken, Mariah Cardona, Audrey Richter and Dayanara Sosa. Sarah Beck not pictured.


    6th Grade Number Sense

    TEAM-AWARDED 1st PLACE - Caleb Watkins, Elaine Meyers, Aiden Johnson & Adrian Baston

    1st Place: Caleb Watkins

    2nd Place: Elaine Meyers

    3rd Place: Aiden Johnson


    6th Grade Listening Skills

    TEAM-AWARDED 3rd Place - Maddie Branch, Amber Northern, Erin Northern & Lexie Fulton

    5th Place: Maddie Branch


    5th Grade Oral Reading

    1st Place- Sarah Beck

    2nd Place –Isabelle Cox

    3rd Place –Dayanara Sosa


    5th Ready Writing

    1st Place-Colt Stewart

    2nd Place-Trey Ihle

    3rd Place-Antonio Garcia


    5th Grade Number Sense

    1st Place: Mariah Cardona

    2ND Place: Cambryn McCollum

    3rd Place: Sarah Beck


    5th Grade Dictionary Skills

    1st Place: Nate Yvon

    2nd Place: Kennadie Gross

    3rd Place: Emma Guerrero


    5th Grade Spelling

    1st Place Nicholas Bracken

    2nd Place: Audrey Richter

    3rd Place: Nathaniel Bracken