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Mrs. Lassiter

I am extremely proud to be the director of the Award Winning Calicos Dance Team! We are celebrating our 32nd year as a team! I served as the assistant director from 2007-2011 and have been the director of the team since 2014. I have worked for CISD for 10 years. My dance background includes: being a member of the calicos dance team from 2001-2005 where I served as Lieutenant my junior and senior years. I dance at McLennan Community College where I was named Top Gun Leaps and Turns winner at SMU Collegiate Dance Camp. At MCC, we were ranked #1 in the Nation with American Dance/Drill Team and #3 in the Nation with the National Dance Alliance. I have been employed with American Dance/Drill Team since 2005 where I have served on officer camp staff, taught numerous dance camps every summer across the state of Texas, Louisiana, and Kansas, and I am currently a Staff Captain.
At CHS, I teach Calicos, Dance 1-4, and Dance Production. In 2014, we implemented Dance at the middle school level and it is offered to 8th grade students. Dance is a great way to stimulate the mind and channel energy. Students will be allowed to use their creativity throughout the year with different projects while studying various forms of dance and physical fitness.
The success and well-being of your child is my number one priority! 
  • Class Schedule:

    1st period: 7:40-8:25: Calicos
    2nd period: 8:30-9:15: Dance 2-4
    3rd period: 9:20-10:05: Dance 1
    TCC: 10:05-10:25 
    4th period: 10:30-11:15: Dance Production
    5th period: 11:20-12:20: Dance Production
    Lunch: 12:20-12:50 
    6th Period: 12:55-1:40: Dance Production
    7th Period: Off Campus
    8th Period: 2:35-3:20 - Conference
  • Dance Production:
    This class is designed for students who are interested in auditioning for the award-winning Calicos Dance Team. Dance production is an excellent starting point for anyone who has a great attitude and strong work ethic that desires a position on this well respected high school team. However, this class does not guarantee a place in the Calicos Dance Team. A strict curriculum will be followed and if a dance production member works hard, her chances are greater at being selected during auditions in December. Dance production is not required for audition purposes. 
    Dance 1-4:
    Dance is an elective course open to all students at Corsicana High School. This class will fulfill a P.E. credit in the fall and a fine arts credit in the spring. No previous dance experience is required for Dance 1. Students who enroll in this course have very high expectations to be hard-working, responsible, and have a willingness to try new things. The purpose of this course is to give students of varying dance abilities and experience the opportunity to enrich thei kinesthetic awareness by learning several genres of dance (ballet, jazz, hip-hop, modern, social and cultural dance) as well as learning the anatomy of the human body, basic fitness principles, the history of dance, dance terminology, choreography, and dance production. There will be an in-school performance at the end of the fall semester. It is required to perform and this will count as 2 major test grades.  
  • Every week, Calicos will audition for field routines to be performed friday night. Calicos will be judged based on their technical skill level, execution of the choreography, facials and energy, and ability to dance the Calico style. 

    If a team member is late or absent the morning of the audition (tues), she will forfeit her ability to audition for that week's performance unless it is excused by the director.

    If a Calico is late after the audition (wed-fri), she forfeits her spot in that week's performance.

    You will still attend the game and participate in Victory Line and Stand routines. 


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    All calico practices begin at 7:30am unless otherwise noted by the director. If a calico is late to practice, she will be eliminated from that week's performance. Please see the posted calendars in the 'file' section of this website. 

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