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    Corsicana ISD is preparing to participate in the COVID-19 Rapid Testing Program offered through the Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM) and the Texas Education Agency created COVID-19 Rapid Testing Program for Texas Schools.


    CISD will rollout a plan to offer the voluntary COVID-19 rapid test to CISD staff and students with parent permission.

    • The Rapid Covid-19 test, also known as BinaxNow and produced by Abbott Labs, will provide test results in 15 minutes.
    • The test is an Antigen test with a 97 – 98% accuracy rate.
    • The test requires a nasal swab, but most patients can do this themselves. This is not the PCR test requiring an invasive swab in the nasal cavity (brain swab).
    • The test is voluntary and will be available to CISD students with parent permission and CISD staff.
    • The test produces results in 15 minutes. There is no cost to the students or staff.


    Access to the COVID-19 rapid test (at no cost) and the immediate results allow families and campus administration the ability to quickly respond to positive cases in order to prevent further spread of the virus. CISD can begin the enhanced cleaning process and contact tracing protocols to identify others who may have been exposed. At the same time, receiving a negative test result allows students and staff to return to campus without unnecessary time spent in quarantine.


    • The test is voluntary and will be available to CISD students with parent permission and staff.
    • Parent permission is required for any student under the age of 18.
    • The test requires a nasal swab. Most patients can swab their own nostrils.
    • This test determines if the protein that connects with the virus is present in the sample. Results are determined within 15 minutes.


    • The voluntary testing will be rolled-out in phases. Dates and times are subject to change.

    Dec. 4, 2020                            Phase I: Symptomatic staff members only

    Dec. 7, 2020                            Phase 2: Symptomatic staff and students (with parent permission)

    January – More info to come Phase 3: Addition of asymptomatic and exposure to COVID staff members

    January – More info to come Phase 4: Addition of asymptomatic and exposure to COVID students

    • CISD’s Health Coordinator Carla Whitt, RN, will conduct the voluntary testing during select hours at the Drane Education Center each weekday that school is in session.


    • Drane Learning Center – 100 South 18th Street – Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8am-10am, and Tuesday and Thursday 1pm-3pm


    • Patients may obtain test results in-person at the end of 15 minutes. In addition, results will be sent via text or email.
    • Positive COVID-19 results are reported to the Navarro County Health Department, Texas Education Agency and the Texas Department of State Health Services as required.


    (optional) To preregister for the test:


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