• Me        My name is Jeff Osbourn and I am the head director for Corsicana Middle School.  I received my music degree from Stephen F. Austion in 2001.  I played professionally for 12 years before becoming a band director.  I am currently starting my 8th year as a band director here in Corsicana ISD.   I have two children, my son Ean, 10 and is in the 4th grade at Bowie elementary and my daughter Adilyn, who is 6 yrs old and pretty much runs the show! I view the entire band program as our family and we treat the kids as if they were our own.  The big advantage ofcourse being we get to send them back to you at the end of the day! 

    We have four band classes here at CMS. 

    We have the Symphonic Band (mixed 7th and 8th grade) which is 3th period here at CMS (9:48 to 10:38).  This group will be taken through and refreshed on material they learned last year and will perform for the Holiday and Spring concerts and compete at UIL.  This class will be lead by Mr. Hinton. 

    The advisory class is basically the Honor band students minus a few university kids.  This class meets from 10:42 to 11:14.

    The next group is the Honor band.  This is a Varsity level UIL competing group with over 6 concurrent sweepstakes behind it.  This group plays the most challenging music and is predominately an 8th grade populated group although, we do have a healthy number of 7th grade students in this band as well.  The Honor band will perform at more events than the other groups including pep rallies, the Holiday parade with CHS, and various other school related events.  The students in this group will be expected to prepare the All-Region music in preparation for All-Region auditions.  This group will be led by me (Mr. Osbourn).  This class meets from 11:18 to 12:18 and this class has C lunch.  I will also oversee and assist the other directors as well as manage the day to day running of the CMS band program.  Along with my wife (Mrs. Osbourn) the other directors will assist me with the Honor band. 

    Lunch/Conference 12:22-12:48 

    Contact me at: 403-775-6200

    The final group is a small Concert band.  This group is too small to perform alone and so will perform in conjuction with the Symphonic band.  This class meets from 12:52 to 1:42.

         We have private lessons through Navarro College offered during band classes at CMS with approval from our District.  Private lessons will not be free.  There will be a charge per thirty minute lesson that you will be responsible for but, we believe the cost will not be out of reach for most people ($10 per lesson).  I cannot stress enough how important private lessons are and how much improvement you will see with your children from an additional one on one thirty minute lesson per week.  It can truly become a life changing opportunity for your children and ultimately give them the skills they need to earn scholarships for college.  The seniors from last year that are currently attending Navarro College are there on nearly full or full scholarships.  That covers the cost of virtually everything from dorms to tuition and even books in many cases.  These opportunities for scholarships for music are at virtually every college and university but, you have to have a strong grasp on you instrument that private lessons can provide in a way that we (the directors) may not be able to always offer.

    Contact Info:

    Jeff Osbourn


    Personal: 903-467-8777

    School: 403-775-6200