• What we will do in each unit: 

       For each of the academic units for the 2016-2017 school year, students will have at least two assessments.  The first assessment:  Students will demonstrate their mastery of the vocabulary, reading, writing and grammar standards that we covered throughout the unit.  The second will be an authentic assessment in which students demonstrate their growth as beginner Spanish speakers (Speaking & listening assessment).

       The purpose of Spanish II is to develop and reinforce the skills necessary to study the languages and cultures of different Spanish speaking countries.  Through an ongoing study of the Spanish language, a student can begin to approach a proficiency level that will enable him/her to use the language in a useful and meaningful way outside of the classroom.  


    This course seeks to develop the language skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) that apply to many subject areas.  It includes the study of people and cultures, inherent in the mastery of any language.  The specific goals of this course include:

     1. The acquisition of vocabulary and grasp of structure that enable the student to read newspaper, magazine articles, short stories and poetry.

     2. The ability to speak with beginning/advance level proficiency using appropriate pronunciation and intonation.

     3. The ability to comprehend the language, both formally and in daily conversation. 

      Mr. Rodriguez: Classroom Expectations 

    1.    Be on time & Be Ready.

    2.    Follow Instructions.

    3.    Do not Disrupt the Class.

    4.    Respect People & Property.

    5. Bring Spanish work book everyday  (All Spanish II students will receive a workbook)
    6. Have a 3 inch classroom binder with 3 dividers notes, assignments, and charts.

     Classroom Procedures:

    • Come in Quietly
    • Get Ready
    • Stay Seated
    • Do Calentamiento (Bellwork)

     Bell Rings

    • Stop Talking
    • Class Begins
    • Stay Seated
    • Do Calentamiento (Bellwork)

     Before Leaving

    1.   Put books back on the shelf 

    2.   Clean around your area

    3.   Stay Seated

     Grading System*

    Major Tests:   50% of grade

    Daily:              50% of grade (includes class preparation & participation, quizzes & binder checks)

     *Subject to change.


     My commitment to you is that I will try to make this class meet your expectations and needs.  This class will be supportive and non-threatening, in an environment conducive to learning Spanish.  It is my obligation to help you to the best of my abilities.  I hope that you will feel comfortable enough to ask for help whenever you need it.  We will make time for tutorials, make-up tests and any extra help that you need in order for you to succeed.  "Learning for all, whatever it takes."

     - Mr. Rodriguez