Elementary District-wide
    CISD GT Program 

    Every CISD Gifted and Talented student in grades 1-4 travels to Drane Learning Center on their grade level’s designated for a day of instruction.  Together students are a part of project based learning where they complete projects using research methods and experiential learning.An important part of our program is the project presentation at the end of the project.  There students can apply knowledge, build confidence, and practice presentation skills that are so important for success in life.

     Cada estudiante en los grados de 1 – 4, viajan un día a Drane Learning Center dependiendo del día que está asignado para la instrucción de su grado. Juntos, los estudiantes forman parte de un proyecto de aprendizaje en donde completan proyectos utilizando métodos de investigación y aprendizaje experimental. Una parte importante de la clase son las presentaciones del proyecto al final del proyecto. Allí podemos evaluar aprendizaje, crear la confianza y practicar las habilidades de una presentación.
     What is Project-Based Learning?

    Project Based Learning, or PBL, is the use of classroom projects to foster a deep understanding of content through an extended process of inquiry and problem solving.  All projects are carefully planned, managed, assessed, but do allow the students the opportunity to make their own choices.  While the students gain a deep understanding of key academic content, they are also learning essential 21st Century Skills as they create unique, innovative products.