Student Guides


    Entering room:  go to your assigned seat BEFORE the tardy bell finishes ringing.  No running/fast walking to get to your seat.

    Seating: you will have the chance to request a seating partner.  Partners who work well together will stay together, those who don’t WON’T.

    Backpacks:  all backpacks will be placed along the glass wall

    Internet use:  only to be used for the daily lesson website or for a designated typing practice website if you have completed our daily lesson.  NO PLAYING GAMES OR USING IT FOR ANY OTHER PURPOSE.  Parents will be notified if this is a problem.  Be sure to turn off your computer screen but DO NOT TURN OFF THE COMPUTER.

    Turning in Your Lesson:  your daily lessons will be placed in the basket on my desk.  MOST of our lessons are due the same day assigned.  I always say “this is a 1 day lesson” or “this is a 2 day lesson” so you will know. 

    Absent Work:  Always come ask me about any work you missed due to an absence.  You’re in 8th grade, it’s YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to ask me. 


    Cellphones or other electronic devices:  should be kept in your backpack and NOT USED.   IF I SEE YOUR DEVICE IT WILL BE TAKEN UP AND RETURNED AT THE END OF CLASS.  You will sign the device book and after the 3rd instance a parent will be notified. 

    End of Class:  make sure your lesson is turned in by the last 5 min. of class.  No work should be taken out of the classroom.  When I dismiss class be sure to push your chair back under your desk. 


    Classroom Rules:  


    2.    Internet use:  only for daily lesson, NO GAMING.  Accessing other websites will be documented & result in loss of internet privileges.

           3.   NO CELL PHONES are needed for our class as we have a class set of computers.  Please keep your cell                 phones in your backpack.



    Behavior Consequences:

    1st =verbal warning, begin Tiger Trainer documentation

    2nd = noted in Tiger Trainer, parent contact

    3rd = noted in Tiger Trainer, parent contact

    4th= copy of Tiger Trainer given to Asst. Principal, discipline referral given to Asst. Principal, parent contact