• Classroom Discipline Plan

    PreKindergarten is a time when children make new friends.  It is also a time when children learn about choices in their actions.  Each child deserves a positive, caring environment to nurture his/her growth and learning.  Working together as a team we can make a difference in this growing process.  Discipline in my classroom will be handled with Love and Logic.  Love and Logic works by making the child responsible for his/her actions by giving the child choices to make and then helping the child follow through.  We will also integrate Conscious Discipline that creates a school family and has many strategies for working with young children, which include alternatives to time-out.  There will be a Safe Spot to help the children learn to self-regulate their emotions (gain self-control).  The idea is to promote more positivity, instead of punishing poor choices.  To encourage this plan, there will not be a conduct report sent home.  I may send an occasional note home to ask for your help in reinforcing a particular positive, behavior at school. 

    Thank you for your support in your child’s self-regulation,

                                                                                                                    Mrs. Montfort
    We will use Class Dojo for the messaging system and class stories; however, we will not use the behavior point system. There will be a simple conduct report sent home daily reflecting a good behavior day or not a good behavior day.