•  Our class social contract:

    As a member of the Dyslexia Therapy class, we vow to treat each other with respect and compassion. This means that we will use kind words when we speak to one another and not use sarcasm. We will wait out turn to speak and listen attentively when someone else is expressing their opinion or reading.  We will wait patiently for our turn to read and we will encourage our classmates reading attempts with positive words and affirmations.  We will participate in class discussions with a positive attitude. We will make our classmates feel safe and respected in their academic attempts. We will respect each other by being on time to class and completing all homework assignments.  We will treat others as we want them to treat us. 
    Our rules for class are:
    1.  Respect ourselves and others.  
    2.  Participate with a good attitude every day. 
    Students who do their homework and participate in class with a good attitude will receive one check for our chart.  Students may go to the prize box after they have accumulated 10 checks!