How to do your HOMEWORK in 10 minutes or less!

    Homework is an important part of our Dyslexia Therapy program. It provides additional practice in the skills we are learning in order to become better readers and writers. Our homework also gives the students a chance to show their family what they are learning and how they are improving. The following is a recommended outline of how to complete your homework.

    Cursive – On lessons where cursive is introduced, students are to practice writing the letter(s) correctly. Often, there will be a set of directions as to how to form the letters correctly at the top of the page. Students will be expected to write the letters at least 7 times.

    Instant Words –Students practice reading the instant words in several ways: as columns, rows, in phrases and in sentences. Students will need to read the instant words for that day aloud to you at least once.

    RAP – This is Rapid Automated Practice where students will read the letters, word parts, or words out loud to you. The page is divided into 3 sections. The top 2 sections have been practiced in class and the bottom section is to be read aloud at least once for homework.

    Rate Packets – Once students have completed the curriculum through Lesson 35, they will receive a rate packet containing words to practice. These are also divided into three sections. For the rate practice, all three sections need to be read aloud to an adult at least once each evening.

    Reading – In addition, the child’s folder has a place to record the amount of minutes he/she reads to you each night. The reading can be just the time used to read the required words from above, time spent reading for other classwork, or book reading. Please put the number of minutes and your initial each day on the homework chart in the folder.

    As you can see, this is a very quick and effective practice. Once a routine is established the students can be done in 10 minutes (or less!). You will see additional papers in their folder. Those are for in-class work in coding and spelling. These do not need to be practiced at home.

    Thank you for your help and support. Feel free to contact me any time you have concerns or questions. My conference time is from 12:00-1:30


    Sheri Leamon, Dyslexia Therapist