• Artsy picture of musical instruments Hello from the Fine Arts room at Bowie Elementary!  We are learning awesome and exciting things about art and music.  Whether playing instruments, singing, drawing or painting, we experience the arts each day.  Feel free to contact me through the Bowie Office at 903-872-6541 or email at mcooper@cisd.org.

  • Art Penguin

    Ms. Cooper’s Art Project Ideas Section

    In this section you will find ideas on things you can draw (or paint!) from school or home.  I would LOVE to see what you create!  Please drop by my classroom, or take a photo of your finished work and share it with me.  You can send the photo to me as a Dojo message, or you can email or text it to my email address: mcooper@cisd.org.  I cannot wait to see what you create!

  • Art Supplies OPTIONAL Art Project Idea from Ms. Cooper

    Art Activity:  Outdoor Object

    Hello Bowie Family!  Below is an optional art activity that provides a fun way to get outside and draw.

    1. Go outside—You can do this in your yard, or go for a walk with your parent or guardian. (Be sure to practice social distancing!)
    2. Find something that makes you happy—Perhaps your pet, a flower, a soccer ball, a bird or squirrel or insect, a funny shaped cloud, a family member, etc.
    3. Look at the object closely—What shapes will you need to use to draw this? What colors?  What else will you need to draw around the object or in the background?
    4. Draw the object—You can do this indoors or take your art supplies outside. Don’t forget to draw the surroundings/background and add color or shading.
    5. Examine your work—What do you like about your drawing? What can you do now to make it look even better?
    6. Share it with me!—Take a photo of your drawing and send it to me in a dojo message, or email/text it to mcooper@cisd.org. Please include student name and grade if sending to email address.
    7. Repeat—If you had fun, go back outside tomorrow and pick a new object to draw. Or, be like Claude Monet and draw the same object again in a new way!  For example: draw the same object at another time of day in different light, or during different weather, or use your imagination to draw it in another season or a different location.

    I can’t wait to see what you create.  Have fun enjoying art and the outdoors!

  • Art and Music Image

    Music and Art Resources Section

    Here you will find great music and art resources to help you grow as an artist or musician!

  • Singing Bird   Music Resources

    • Dallas Symphony Orchestra has a new section on their website called Watch + Listen created in response to the closing of performance venues nationwide. Here you can listen to and watch live past performances of the DSO right in your own home!
    • Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra has launched a special Music Lab to keep “music alive in your home.” Included is a virtual Listening Lab with weekly postings of musical recordings, many of them by the FWSO.  There is also a Learning Lab with educational content and activities fun for kids as well as the whole family.
    • West Music is a great source for music, books on music, and musical instruments.
  • Hiker  Outdoor Ed Resources

    Below you will find some resources to help you keep learning about and experiencing nature, both indoors and right in your backyard!

    • National Park Service website is not only great for planning a trip to a national park, but it has loads of information about science, weather, animals, and many other things in the natural world. There is even a new section called “Parked at Home” full of online learning opportunities, videos, games and activities!
    • Every Kid Outdoors is a program to give all 4th graders access to America’s natural wonders and historic sites for free! This program works in conjunction with NPS to give all 4th graders a free pass (good for both them and their whole family!) good for their 4th grade year of school.
    • Texas Parks and Wildlife Department website is a great place to research Texas’s state park system, whether you’re planning to hike or camp, or just want to learn more about the natural wonders in our state. Check out the “Programs” section to learn more about special programs for to teach outdoor skills, connect art and nature, geocaching, free fishing, and more!