Drane Learning Center

    Frequently Asked Questions about PreK

    Does my child have to qualify for the PreK program?

                Yes. Your child will have to qualify for PreK by meeting at least one of the following criteria:

          1)     Qualify for free or reduced lunch

          2)    Speak a language other than English

          3)   Be homeless

          4)   Be the child of an active duty member of the armed forces of the United States

          5)   Be the child of a member of the armed forces of the United States who was injured or killed while serving

          6)   Be in or have been in conservatorship of DFPS

          7)   Be the child of a person eligible for the Star of Texas Award as a peace officer, firefighter, or emergency medical first responder


    Is PreK a full day program?

                Yes. Hours are 7:15-3:30.


    Will my child need to follow the district dress code?

    Yes. Your child will be expected to follow the CISD dress code policy. If you need information about what is appropriate, you can check the district’s website or ask the office for a pamphlet.


    Will my child eat meals at school?

                Your child will receive breakfast and lunch provided by Child Nutrition Services. Students provide snacks in the afternoon in the classroom.


    Will my child need supplies?

                Yes. Your child will need school supplies. You will receive a list of needed items. Please make sure to write your child’s name on all supplies.


    How will I know how my child is doing?

                Your child will have a report in his/her folder for you to look at daily to see how their behavior is.  We will have a conference at the end of the first 9 weeks to discuss your child’s progress and give you the report card.  Thereafter, the report cards will be sent home every 9 weeks for you to review, sign & return to school.


     Will my child take the STAAR test?

                No. PreK does not take the STAAR test. We use Istation that assesses students monthly on reading skills. CLI monitoring occurs three times per year.


     What will my child be doing every day?

                Our schedule is full of learning activities. We have Circle Times (calendar, stories, songs), Small Group/Center Time (working on skills with a teacher and at special centers), Outside Play, and Journal Time.  Occasionally your child will have homework. Your child will have access to technology (computers, iPads, and white board).


    Will my child be expected to attend school daily?

    Yes. Your child will be expected to follow the CISD attendance policy. It is important that your child be on time and at school every day (unless he/she is sick or there is an emergency). If your child must miss, please send a note or doctor’s excuse with him/her when he/she returns. If your child regularly misses or is late you will receive a truancy letter that could lead to going to truancy court or your child being dropped from the program.


    Will my child participate in PE, Music or Computer classes?

                Students will participate in PE in the gym. Your child will get to exercise, sing, and use the computers in class during our school day.


    Will I be able to volunteer or attend field trips with my child?

                Yes. You will need to complete a background check. For safety purposes, we must make sure that anyone who comes in contact with our students is not a danger to them.



    PreK School Supply List

    -Baby Wipes (package)-1                                         -Notebooks (spiral)-2

    -Backpack (no wheels)-1                                          -Manila paper (9x12)-1

    -Construction paper (9x12 package)-1                     -Scissors (rounded)-1

    -Crayons (box of 24; no jumbo)-2                           -Folders (plastic w/pockets; solid colors)-4            

    -Glue (bottles)-1                                                     -4-pack Playdoh

    -Kleenex tissues (box)-1                                         -Nap mat

    -Markers (washable)-1                                          




    ***Write your child’s name on his/her supplies.***