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     April Collins

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    Office Hours 8:00-4:00


    Extended Spring Break Learning Opportunities


    Please use the "Interesting Web Resources" tab on the left to access learning opportunities for your career classes.  I miss each one of you, and hope you are all taking the necessary steps to be safe and healthy. If you need anything feel free to email me.  I check my email several times each day. I hope to see you soon!


    Bell Schedule    

    Morning Release  7:53  

    1st Period  8:00-8:50  Investigating Careers

    2nd Period  8:54-9:44  Investigating Careers

    3rd Period  9:48-10:38  Conference

    4th Period   10:42-11:14  Career Advisory

    5th Period  11:18-12:48  College Careers

    A Lunch  11:18-11:48  

    B Lunch  11:48-12:18  

    C Lunch  12:18-12:48  

    6th Period   12:52-1:42  Investigating Careers

    7th Period  1:46-2:36  College Careers

    8th Period  2:40-3:30  College Careers