This year has flown by! I can't believe we are already in the last nine weeks of school. We have just finished up our Greek mythology project which counts as a major grade in both reading and writing. We utilized both classes to read, research, and create multimedia presentations for the past two weeks. Your kids did incredible!
    We will be reviewing and getting ready for the STAAR tests coming up. We have writing on April 9th and reading on May 14th. There are many resources available to help the students with areas of concern. We have used several in class that can also be used at home. Please make sure you child has a good night sleep, healthy breakfast, healthy snack, water bottle, and jacket.
    email:  dmatthews@cisd.org                                                
    phone: (430) 775-6200                                                         
    room:  B153                                                                            
    conference:  12:52-1:42                                                         

          Class Schedule                                                                   Classroom Expectations

    Period 1     8:00 - 8:50                                                            Be on time for class.
    Period 2     8:54 - 9:44                                                            Have all supplies for class every day.
    Period 3     9:48 - 10:38                                                          Read and study at home.
    Period 4    10:42 - 11:14                                                         Respect self, teacher, and others.
    Period 5    11:18 - 12:48                                                         Respect all property.
    A lunch     11:18 - 11:48                                                         Have a growth mindset.
    B lunch     11:48 - 12:18
    C lunch     12:14 - 12:48     
    Period 6    12:52 - 1:42
    Period 7     1:46 - 2:36
    Period 8     2:40 - 3:30

    Mon-Thur         7:20-7:50
    Tues & Thurs       3:30-4:00
     Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. ~Nelson Mandela