• Lauren Allen

    April 5, 2020

    Good afternoon.

     Tomorrow, Monday, April 6th, will begin the Direct-Teach phase for CISD. Students are now expected to access and complete all of the student materials in each class for which they are enrolled. Student activity and growth will be monitored by the teacher, and one grade per week will be given on the basis of student performance. It is crucial that students are making every effort to access their courses and complete their assignments each and every week during the extended break.

     Below are instructions for communication (Remind App) and accessing student materials (Canvas or paper packets). If you have any questions with regard to any of this information, please send me an email at lallen@cisd.org.

     Communication – Remind App

    • Text @9b6gfa to 81010.
    • You may download the app or receive text messages from Remind with my weekly announcements.

     Communication – Student Email Account and Teacher Page

    • You may also visit my Teacher Page on cisd.org to check for class updates and information.
    • Please encourage your student to check his/her student email account at least once a week.

     Accessing Student Materials – Canvas or Paper Packets

    • Accessing student materials online via Canvas
      • Go to cisd.instructure.com
      • Student login usernames are their school email addresses
      • Student passwords are the same ones they use to access their student email accounts
      • Once students are in Canvas, they will simply click on each of their courses and the links to the materials for that week will be on the teacher’s Home Page
    • Accessing student materials for students WITHOUT ACCESS to the internet (Paper Packets)
      • Students will pick up their packets on Monday at one of our CISD food locations (see cisd.org for these locations)
      • Students will put their name and their teacher’s name for that subject on the packet’s cover sheet
      • Students will return their completed packets on Thursday to one of our CISD food locations



    March 30, 2020


    As you know, the Corsicana Middle School page on cisd.org contains a “Choice Board” where online learning opportunities can be found. The link below will take you directly to this week’s Choice Board options.


    Again, the district strongly encourages students to take advantage of these opportunities for academic growth; however, no completed assignments will receive a grade.

    Beginning next week on April 6, we will be moving from the Choice Board platform to Canvas. When this occurs, students are expected to complete the activities and will be held accountable for their learning. For students without internet access, these activities will be in paper format at all CISD food locations. Additional detailed information and directives about Canvas learning will become available in the near future, so please check the website regularly for these announcements.

    In anticipation of this change, I suggest that you have your student follow the link below to familiarize himself/herself with the Canvas format. There are no assignments there for your student to complete this week, but this familiarization will allow your student to be prepared for next week’s transition.


    During this extended break, if you or your student need to contact me with any concerns, questions or needs, please email me at lallen@cisd.org. I am available 9:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M., Monday through Friday. I will do my best to address your questions in a timely manner. I hope you and your family are remaining safe and healthy during this time.

    **Please check this page regularly. I plan to include important updates, directions for accessing online learning opportunities, and additional resources that will benefit students during the extended break.**


    I am Lauren Allen, and I am excited to teach your child this year! I look forward to the opportunity of teaching and guiding your student to his/her achievements, improvements and successes this year. If you have any questions, I encourage you to email me at lallen@cisd.org. 


    Conference: 6th period 12:52-1:42