•  Welcome to 6th grade Math! We have a great team this year! Below you will find contact information and rotation schedules for each teacher.

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    Pods 1, 2, and 3


    Image Lora Ebadian        Image Ashlyn Stevens         Image Erica McIntyre

    Lora Ebadian                            Ashlyn Stevens                        Erica McIntyre

    lebadian@cisd.org                astevens@cisd.org                   emcintyre@cisd.org

    Rotation Schedule:          


    Pods 4 and 5

    Image Malisa Lichty          Image Katie Casaday       

    Malisa Lichty                              Katie Casaday

    mlichty@cisd.org                     kcasaday@cisd.org

    Rotation Schedule:


    Pods 6 and 7

    Image Hana Colvin                       Betsy Thomason Picture

    Hana Colvin                                             Betsy Thomason

    hcolvin@cisd.org                                      brthomason@cisd.org

    Rotation Schedule:








6th Grade Math - Collins Intermediate