• Welcome to 8th grade Math! I am beyong excited to have the opportunity to teach at Corsicana Middle School this year. 

    To schedule a conference you can email me at swalker@cisd.org or call the front office at (430)775-6200. My classroom schedule is as follows: 

    In response to home-based-learing, I am adding new office hours and my cell phone. 

    Hours: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. --Responsive within an hour.

    After hours: Responses will likely be longer than an hour.

    Cell Phone: 903-388-4135

    To access Canvas,go here: HelloId

    Once on helloid, choose Cisd-AD-local.

    Username: school computer login

    Password: lunch number

    Reliable online practice:

    Please use the following websites to continue practicing our 8th grade content.

    1. MobyMax

    *Username is first five of last name and first 3 of first name with 000. Ex. WalkeSha000

    *Password is the student lunch number.

    2. IXL

     *Most usernames are first initial followed by last name. Ex. swalker

    **If the generic username format does NOT work, please contact me and I will give you your username.

    *Password should be student lunch number

    3. Prodigy

    Student can sign up and play. This is a spell casting, math based computer game.

    4. Brainpop

    *Username: cisdtigers5

    *Password: instruction5

    5.Khan Academy

    *This is the direct link to join my class. Once you are there simply sign up or log in. You do NOT need an email address. Please use the same username as you would for MobyMax.

    I am including some worksheets as well. These can be printed and worked or you can view them online and work on a seperate piece of paper.

    ***Most phones can be turned to landscape and used as a scientific calculator.***

    Also, Texas Instruments is offereing FREE downloads of the TI-Nspire software, valid for 6 months. Follow the instructions on TI-Nspire Download. Please read and follow all directions!!!

    Identifying Functions

    Scientific Notation

    Slope of a Line

    Finding Slope-2 points

    Solving Equations

    Volume of Cylinders


    8th Grade Math

    Ms. Walker's Schedule

    Ms. Walker's Schedule

    **Tutorial Schedule**

    Monday-Friday                                 7:30A-7:53A

    Monday and Wednesday                   3:30-4:00P


    Grading Policy:

    50% Daily Grades

    50% Test Grades