• Welcome! I am so very excited to be your child’s special education teacher for STRIVE (Structured Teaching Reinforced in a Visual Environment). I will embrace every opportunity to foster a love of learning and a desire for knowledge. My team and I will provide continuous support for your child and their general education teacher inside and outside of the classroom. We have so many innovative tools, that will be invaluable in supporting your child’s academic and social needs. I will try my best to accommodate each child's learning needs as I believe that each child needs to be given the best chance of success, in order to insure an equal opportunity for learning.  As your child’s special education teacher, I will be working hard to help him/her make significant academic progress in a safe, structured, and positive environment.


    I strongly believe that parents and teachers must work as a team to ensure that the

    children get the most they can out of each school year. You can help by:


    ♦ creating a daily 15-30 minute reading time with a book of his/her choice

    ♦ discussing what they have read and asking questions about their school day in general.

    ♦ practicing basic math skills a few times a week.

    ♦ getting your child to school each day and on time.

    ♦ attending meetings and contacting the teacher ahead of time if there is a problem.


    Working together, we can make this a very positive and productive year for your child.