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    Kimberly Berry, M. Ed.

    8th Grade Academic Counselor                           

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    Margaret Cutrer, M.Ed.
    7th Grade Academic Counselor
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    Amber Payne, LPC, M.Ed.

    Student Support Counselor


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    CMS Counselors

    Kimberly Berry, Margaret Cutrer & Amber Payne

    Welcome to the CMS Counseling Center!
    The counselors at Corsicana Middle School are here to assist you in any way we can! We are a student-centered office where our ultimate goals are to help students have a successful middle school experience and to prepare all students for high school and beyond!
    What Do CMS Counselors Do?
    School counselors play an important role in shaping successful students. This involves working with students academically, behaviorally, socially, and emotionally. The following are just some ways that we assist students:
    • Help students deal with and difuse problems brought into school from home and outside the classroom;
    • Set up parent-teacher conferences;
    • Provide academic and career guidance to students 
    • Work with students to develop positive habits and attitudes;
    • Foster and maintain parental involvement.
    • Assist students in gaining life skills such as organization, time management, teamwork, and study skills.



  • Tips for Being Successful At CMS! 
    1.) Come to school EVERY DAY!
          The #1 indicator for school success is attendance! 
    2.) Get Involved!
          Get involved in extracurricular activities like band, athletics, art club, or student council.  It is a great way to get connected to the school, meet new friends, and develop self-confidence.  
    3.) Get ORGANIZED!
          At CMS, it is important to be organized to be successful!  In order to keep up with everything, it is important to start out   and stay organized. 
    4.) Be Social....but Not Too Social!
          It is important to have fun with friends but don't let your friends distract you from your priorities in the classroom.
    5.) Be the Best You Can Be Every Day!
         Come to school each day with the goal to work hard, try hard, and be AWESOME!
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  • CMS encourages our students to 

    See Something

    Hear Something

    Say Something

    If they hear that another student is hurting themselves, plans to hurt themselves, has a weapon, and/or has intent to hurt others.

    Find a trusted adult such as a:





    see something

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  • Is it Bullying?

    If a student at CMS feels they have been bullied or have witnessed bullying, please use the Bullying Checklist below to see if what happened qualfies as bullying.  If it does, use the CISD Quick Tip App to report it or notifiy a CMS Counselor or Administrator as soon as possible.

    Bullying Checklist

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  • **A CMS student can report bullying or harassment by talking to an adult at school or completing this form and returning it to an assistant principal or counselor. A student can place this form in the school's drop off spot for anonymous reporting in the front office if they are more comfortable in this manner.  All bullying claims are taken seriously, so when reporting, we do ask students to be as specific as possible for investigation purposes.**

    CMS Bullying Report Form

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  • Please click on this link to see the mental health map for our area: 



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