• Welcome!
      • Class Rules
      1. Always try your best.
      2. Come to class prepared.
      3. Raise your hand if you have a question or answer to a question.
      4. Keep your working space and classroom neat.
      5. Encourage your classmates.
      6. Treat others with respect!


      • Enter the room and start bell ringer on the desk.
      • Line up in a quiet line when leaving the room and no talking in the hallways.
      • Always walk on the right side of the hall.
      • When changing classes, clean up your area, line up, and wait for the next teacher to signal for you to enter the room.
      • When you are done with all your work, you may read a book or work on homework.
      • If you need to go to bathroom, sharpen pencil, or need help, use the hand signals.
      • If you need water, please bring it with you, or go into the main building to get a drink.
      • Homework is due on Fridays, turned into the correct homework box.