Degrees and Certifications:


 "It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge."  ~ Albert Einstein

1.   I will create an environment where students can question their knowledge and be active participants in their education.
2.   I believe that learning should be fun.
3.   I am the moderator of interactive lessons where learning is stressed and students get choices about how to learn.
4.   I encourage communication among students and teachers.
5.   I think that students learn best when they can relate their lives to the lesson.
6.   I set high standards for academic achievement and personal conduct.
7.   I continuously evolve my teaching methods in order to enhance the quality of education I provide my students. I continue to learn every day and often my students teach me great lessons.
8.   I incorporate technology in my classroom but my focus remains on teaching students how to learn and gain knowledge.
9.   I take an interest into my students' personal lives.
10.  Above all else, I believe in teaching children and I do not teach a subject.