• 2017 Drane Science Fair Awards
    Advancing to the Regional Level in February at TSTC
    Jack Allen, Lindsay Branch, Anna Dixon, Kendal Ephlin, Madison Flores-Subia, Brady Grantham, Luke Leist, Ashlyn McCollumn, Callan Nutt, Thomashire Sawyerr Natasha Vargas, and Aaron Yamamoto

    Principal’s Award
    The Brain - Kamiyah Donaldson

    Superintendents Award
    My Germy Conclusion - Madison Flores-Subia

    Overall Winner
    Shake, Rattle, and Roll - Brady Grantham

    Animal Science
    1st Who Knows, Whose Nose - Callan Nutt

    Behavioral & Social Science

    1st What’s your favorite idea? Mine is thinking creatively! Or maybe not… - Natasha Vargas
    2nd Who Has a Magnificent Mind - Aaron Yamamoto
    3rd Music to the Brain - Ruby Cigarroa
    Honorable Mention: Taliyah Donaldson
    Participants: Kamiyah Donaldson and Nathan Heronemus

    1st Here Comes the Sun - Anna Dixon
    2nd Clean Chemistry - Hillary Zhang
    3rd House of the Rising "Bun" - Jack Allen
    Honorable Mention: Kendal Ephlin
    Participants: Railey Bush, Jace Richardson, and Natalia Altimara

    Energy & Transportation
    1st Wait Don’t Eat That Orange - Emmanuel Franco
    Participants: Caleb Cox and Jacob Ogaz


    1st Shake, Rattle, and Roll - Brady Grantham
    2nd Can Super Arm Raise the Bottle - D’Audrien Martin

    Medicine & Health

    1st It’s In My Genes - Isabella Allen
    2nd How the Heart Rate Might Change Over A Month Period of Time - Hudson Grace
    Participants: Curtis Gatewood

    1st Shoes or No Shoes? That's the Question! - Lindsay Branch
    2nd Here, There, or Anywhere - Ashlyn McCollumn
    3rd Yuck! Go Wash Your Hands! - Thomashire Sawyerr
    Honorable Mention: Madison Flores-Subia and Rhea Vandeventer
    Participants: Brianna Chavez and Evan Kipp

    Plant Science
    1st Let it Grow! - Luke Leist
    2nd Hot or Cold - Kylie Kilgo