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    Corsicana ISD voters are being asked to consider a bond proposal for the November 4th, 2014 ballot totaling $49,673,624. The Board of Trustees unanimously called for the bond election following the recommendation of the citizens committee. The proposal addresses safety and security at every campus, renovations and upgrades to facilities, and building a middle school.

    The bond package includes:

    ·       Securing campus entrances including secure entry vestibules, keyless entry systems, and installing video surveillance

    ·       Building a 7-8 middle schoolReconfiguring Collins for a 5th and 6th grade campus. This will provide for additional space on elementary campuses and will allow for most portable buildings to be removed.

    ·       Renovations to all campuses

    Under the proposal, all campuses in the district will receive renovations. Drane will be repurposed to an educational facility and is not included in this Bond proposal. Renovations for Drane will be paid for from other funds such as historical grants monies and/or general fund.  Drane plans are pending an engineering study currently being conducted.