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3.31.2020 CISD Board Gives Superintendent Broadened Authority

March 31, 2020


CISD Board Votes to Give Superintendent Broadened Authority

Resolution allows Frost to take immediate action on COVID-19 response

The Corsicana ISD Board of Trustees unanimously approved emergency priorities and declarations for Corsicana ISD granting the Superintendent, Dr. Diane Frost, extended authority to act on measures that will help students and families during the COVID-19 crisis.

During the virtual board meeting on Monday night, four priorities were outlined in the declaration aligning with the Board’s Core Values. The priorities include the areas of Health and Safety, Ensuring Academic Progress, Communication and Waivers.

Under the Health and Safety priority, the board prioritized the continuation of a high quality and effective nutrition program for CISD students. In addition, school counselors will provide support for students and their families. Currently, CISD is operating a food distribution program at 16 locations across the county serving breakfast and lunch to students on Mondays and Thursdays. A school counseling hotline has been established for students and families to help provide support and connect them to resources as needed. The first day the counselor hotline opened there were 15 calls.

Priority two focuses on ensuring Adequate Academic Progress. The District has curated and published a multitude of learning resources digitally on the District website and in paper format.  Beginning April 6, the District will move to a teacher-led format allowing teachers throughout the District to provide instruction, either electronically or paper-pencil, with accompanying assignments to be completed by their students.

“Teachers have been reaching out to students via phone and email,” said Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction Kim Holcomb. “From Zoom meetings to Canvas access (the district’s learning management platform) and other digital programs, our teachers are doing an incredible job of virtual instruction and making resources available to all students. The Texas Education Agency (TEA) has asked that we continue to monitor progress of our students to ensure that learning continues.”

Access to technology plays a major role in student instruction. Distribution of laptops and hotspots for students at CHS, who do not have access to these resources at home, is scheduled to begin April 1. After the high school students are served, distribution will continue to the middle school students and intermediate students. Another important resource being provided is access to free internet. “Wireless internet extensions to allow students to ‘drive-up’ and access the internet are scheduled to be installed the week of April 6,” said Executive Director of Technology Stephanie Howell. These free wifi connections will be available at Corsicana High School, Navarro Elementary, Collins Intermediate, Fannin Elementary, and Carroll Elementary for any student who needs access. A technology help desk has been set up for students and staff members who have questions or need help with technology-related questions.

Paper packets for students at all grade levels are available at all of the food distribution sites. Students can complete the packet each week and submit their assignments the following week at the food locations. New packets will be available each Monday. The packets can also be found online.

Priority three outlines continuous Communication with all district and community stakeholders. CISD has launched a COVID-19 resource page on the CISD website, This page connects students and families directly to links associated with resources provided by the District including food distribution locations and information, distance learning and educational resources, special programs learning resources, library resources, counseling information, technology distribution and the technology help desk. “Resources are being added to the website daily,” said Executive Director of Communications Susan Johnson. For anyone not able to locate information needed, an email has been established for general questions:

Parent emails, provided at the beginning of the year in the enrollment packets, are being used to update parents and send new information.

“It is very important for parents and student information to be current in the District database so we may connect and provide services during this time,” said Dr. Frost. “We are encouraging parents to use Parent Portal to access their information and keep it updated. If they do not have a Parent Portal account, we will have instructions on our website how to do that.”

Everyone is urged to follow CISD on social media channels – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The social media channels are updated as information is released.

Priority four provides the Superintendent the authority to apply for any Waiver to the Commissioner of the Texas Education Agency that is deemed necessary as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I appreciate the Board’s confidence in me and our CISD team as we continue to navigate this situation,” said Dr. Diane Frost. “Our goal is to serve our students to the very best of our abilities. We strive for this every day.”




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