Science Fair Winners

Collins Science Winners

Collins Intermediate School Science Fair Winners

Congratulations, to the following students for placing in the 2019 CIS Science Fair!  Sarah Beck and Sammie Lewis will advance to the regional science fair competition.

6th Place          “Ready, Set, GROW!”                                                                  Paige Cates

5th Place          “Sunflower Seed Germination”                                                     Emma Crow

4th Place          “Washing Roses”                                                                         Audrey Richter

3rd Place          “What insulator keeps ice frozen the longest”                                Audri Libal and Erin Richter

2nd Place         “Germs Be Gone”                                                                        Sammie Kate Lewis

1st Place          “Decreasing Carbon Dioxide Levels to Slow Global Warming”           Sarah Beck

Teachers Jamie Lewis and Paula Carrico coordinate the CIS Science Fair. 

Pictured:  Principal Scott Doring (front row) Sammie Lewis, Sarah Beck, Paige Cates, Emma Crow; (back row) Audri Libal, Erin Richter and Audrey Richter