Compassion Corsicana 2019

Compassion Corsicana

Update: Oct. 30, 2019


CISD Standardized Dress

Compassion Corsicana is currently low on standardized clothing for CISD students in need. Temporarily, until new clothing items are restocked, students in need of new school clothes should be directed to Compassion Corsicana main office located at 517 N. Commerce St. (across from Salvation Army) Monday through Thursday 10-3pm, Friday 10-12pm.


CISD Clothing Exchange

For students needing to exchange clothing items for other used items (shorts for pants, short sleeve for long sleeve, bigger sizes, etc.) may do so at the Resale Store anytime. The Compassion Resale Store is located downtown 110 N. Beaton and open Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 11am-3pm.