Virtual learning exempt form

CISD Virtual Instruction Update

Every student needs to be engaged in lessons and attend school each day to be a successful learner. CISD’s virtual learning options provide many families an opportunity for children to learn remotely. While there are some virtual students who have been successful, a significant number of students are not performing to our academic standards.

CISD is committed to providing every student the greatest opportunity to learn. Therefore, virtual learning options will continue for students who have demonstrated success, or who have a medical exemption from the campus environment.

Online students who are failing one or more classes and/or have three or more unexcused absences will be required to return to campus. Campus leaders are reaching out to parents with information about their child’s return-to-school plan. There are many reasons that contribute to student achievement. We believe that our face-to-face instruction is the best option to help our at-risk students be successful.

More information will be coming from your campus. Additional information regarding this recent Virtual Instruction Update can be found here.