Authorization to Option out of Mask Requirement


Authorization to Option out of Mask Requirement

Dear Tiger Families,

The Corsicana ISD Administration and School Board met this morning to discuss the ongoing situation and monitoring of active COVID-19 cases in our community and, more specifically, in our schools. It was agreed today that the district will reinstate mask requirements when the cases at our schools meet a particular threshold. These measures provide guidance for staff and students when additional safety protocols need to be implemented to protect you from the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

At the Pre-Kindergarten through Sixth grade levels, masking protocols will be reinstated for an entire class when an individual in a class reports a positive case in that classroom. The protocols will be in place for 10 school days following the announcement of an active case in PK-6 grades. This means all staff members and students in a class with an active case must wear a mask for 10 school days after a case has been announced in that class or until the mask protocols can be safely lifted.

At our secondary campuses, which includes both Corsicana Middle School and Corsicana High School, masking protocols will be reinstated when the percentage of active cases - to include a combination of students and staff - reaches 1.5 percent of the population of that campus. For Corsicana Middle School, the 1.5 percent threshold kicks in when there are 15 cases on campus, and at Corsicana High School, the 1.5 percent threshold for mask protocols kicks in when the campus reaches 31 cases. Again, at the secondary level the percentage used will be 1.5 percent of a combination of both student and staff positive cases.

These updated mask protocols take effect beginning Tuesday of this week. It should be noted that Corsicana Middle School is reporting over 20 active COVID-19 positive cases today. This means mask requirements begin Tuesday, August 31 for all Corsicana Middle School staff and students, and they will continue for 10 school days or until the protocols can be safely lifted. 

The reinstatement of mask protocols is the next important step to protecting our students and staff from the spread of the Delta variant and will hopefully help us avoid a complete shutdown of a classroom, grade level or campus. If you do not wish to follow these updated mask protocols and are willing to assume the health risks associated with attending work or school unmasked, there will be an "opt out" form available on the District web site. Simply fill out the form and return it to your campus office/principal.

CISD plans to reinstate the COVID-19 dashboard this week showing active cases at each campus and will continue to notify impacted staff and families of students via email. Our Tiger staff, students and parents can help prepare for these new changes by carrying masks with you or leaving them at work and school in the event they are needed.  The district also has a supply of masks readily available for use should you forget or not have one of your own to use.

Although we had hoped we would be past the need to require masks, we also reserve the right to make decisions in the best interests of our staff and students given the current case loads and health information about the virus. The situation is rapidly evolving. Hopefully, we won’t have to incorporate these reinstated mask measures for long, and we can soon put this virus and health pandemic behind us. We would like to once again encourage everyone who is eligible to be vaccinated, to get vaccinated as soon as possible. The Centers for Disease Control confirm that the vaccines help individuals avoid or lessen the impact of the Delta variant. In turn, wearing masks helps reduce your risk to exposure and the risk that the virus will be spread to others.

Thank you for your cooperation as the Administration and School Board partner together to keep all Tigers healthy and safe.


Dr. Diane Frost

Click here to view the Authorization to Option out of Mask Requirement Form in English and Spanish