What do we do if we'd like a grade-level section or department section?

Posted by: Kristin Zastoupil
Elementary teachers may wish to have a grade-level page (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.).  First, each individual teacher will need to finalize their own personal Welcome page and Calendar.  Then, email kbrown@cisd.org that a grade level page is needed.  The email needs to include the campus, grade level, and all teachers at that grade level.  (All teachers at that grade level will be given access to the grade level page.)
Secondary may choose to have a department or subject area section.  They will also need to email kbrown@cisd.org to setup the section.
Our district webmaster will email you once it is created.  Also, the district webmaster will cross-link the grade level page to your Welcome page, and vice versa, so that parents may find you by name or grade.
Kristin Zastoupil
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