I have an event I want to add to my campus and/or the district website calendars.

Posted by: Kristin Zastoupil
All of the calenders "talk" to each other.  It is important you place events on your teacher section calendar.  District events have been "pushed" down to appear on your teacher calendar as well.  Click here to download a step-by-step of how to "share" events with other calendars.
We would rather you overuse the sharing feature than to not use it.  When you "share" an event, it sends an email notice to the campus webmasters and/or district webmaster, who must approve the event to add it to campus and district calendars.  While we don't need every homework assignment, we do like to share any fun things going on in your classroom with the community.  Feel free to email us information about upcoming events at kbrown@cisd.org, but we'd also prefer you share it from your calendar.
Kristin Zastoupil