Who we are?

    Our student Athletic Trainers are an important part of our Athletic program. There are opportunities with all of our athletic teams, especially with Football! We are on the sidelines for every football game and practice, and are first on the scene when any of our players goes down with an injury.


    Those of you that want to become a Student Athletic Trainer for the school year will need to turn in a completed physical to the Athletic Training Staff and complete the RankOne online forms prior to the first football game.


    1. Required to be at all scheduled practices and all assigned sporting events.
    2. Report 30 minutes before each practice and an hour before each game.
    3. Required to call the head trainer or assistant trainer when ill.
    4. Conduct themselves in a mature and professional manner.
    5. Must be dress appropriately; loose fitting tops and knee length shorts. Tights are not allowed.
    6. Needs to take interest in learning: taping, injury prevention, and wound care.
    7. Must maintain 75 average in all courses. Noncompliance will result in morning/afternoon mandatory tutorials.
    8. Must maintain a disciplined attitude and stay professional toward all athletes.
    9. Must assume cleaning responsibilities in the training room.
    10. Stay in his/her assigned sport for all of the scheduled season games or meets.
    11. Record all injuries in training room treatment log.
    12. All injury information will not be shared with anyone that does not need to know. (i.e. Friends, relatives, and other athletes.)

     Program Expulsion Rules

    1. Excessive absences or continually late.
    2. Uncooperative or argumentative attitude.
    3. Continued low performance in the classroom.
    4. Non-compliance of dress code.
    5. Malicious gossiping or bullying.
    6. Inappropriate fraternization with student athletes.
    7. Sent to DAEP

     Athletic Period and After School Program

    Interested students will work with the Athletic Trainers and counselors to be put into 8th period athletics, and will work with the freshman football team in their first year. After school practices happen every day unless told otherwise. Freshman and JV football games take place on Thursdays. Varsity games on Fridays.    

        What would you do?  

    • Help our athletes stay hydrated
    • Provide immediate first aid and taping for some injuries
    • Learn important occupational skills such as taking inventory, developing packing protocols, & delegating tasks

        Who would this be good for?

    Any student that might have interest in the health care field/industry, or want to be a part of a team that is closely tied to athletics. Our programs are a machine with many parts, and we are a very important part of that machine. Our students will learn about all sorts of injuries, taping techniques, and basic first aid.

     Letter-Jacket Award Requirements

     A letter-jacket may be awarded based on your dedicated participation and completion of the athletic season(s).


     Come be a part of our Athletic Training family!!!