Tennis to Playoffs

Tiger Tennis playoff bound for 40th consecutive year!

TIGER TENNIS Regional Finalists!

Congratulations TIGERS!

The Tiger team comprised of:

Girls’ singles: Kate Higgs, Avery Williams, Ashley Butron, Finley Williams, Joselyn Monroy, and Hannah White.

Boys’ singles: Will Higgs, Isaac Owen, John Higgs, Davin Munoz, Prez Rios, and Giancarlo Renaud. Boys’ doubles: Will Higgs and Isaac Owen, John Higgs and Prez Rios, and Gabe Edgar and Giancarlo Renaud.

Girls’ doubles: Kate Higgs and Avery Williams, Ashley Butron and Finley Williams, and Hannah White and Joselyn Monroy.

Mixed doubles: Isak Rodriguez and Abbie Walthall.