• Welcome to the Dual Language Program at Sam Houston Elementary

    Corsicana ISD’s Dual Language program gives your child an opportunity to learn how to speak, write, read, listen and think in both Spanish and English. Gaining this skill set prepares students for greater career and professional options, as well as gives them a competitive edge in the global marketplace.

    In the Dual Language classroom, instruction is provided in Spanish and English. Students also learn and grow by interacting with their peers whose first language is Spanish and/or English.

    Students are admitted to the Dual Language program in Kindergarten at Sam Houston Elementary after a screening process. Because of the academic rigor of the program, we want to be sure students are ready for advanced learning. There are no attendance zone restrictions to attend the Dual Language program at Sam Houston.

    If you would like information about how to register for the upcoming school year, or to learn more about any of the programs available, feel free to contact the Principal of Sam Houston Elementary, Dallas Horne, at dhorne@cisd.org or call 903-874-6971.