• CISD Virtual Instruction Update

    One of the Core Values of Corsicana ISD is to educate every child. Student engagement in learning is essential; therefore, both attendance and passing averages are required for students to be approved as remote learners.

    Corsicana ISD offers in-person learning for all students. In addition, the District offers remote learning as an option for students who meet the following criteria:

    • Enrolled as a full-time student in CISD, and
    • Participating successfully in remote instruction with a passing average in every subject; and
    • Absent no more than three (3) days during the first nine weeks of school (September 8-October 9, 2020).


    • Is enrolled as a full-time student in CISD, and
    • Has submitted the “Medical Exemption for COVID-19 High Risk Exemption” to the student’s counselor, and
    • The medical exemption has been approved.

    Parents of students who do not meet the criteria for remote learning will receive a notice (letter). Students must be enrolled on their home campus within two weeks of receiving the letter. Should a parent want to request a transition meeting, which may be held virtually, the parent should contact the student’s counselor. The meeting will occur from three to five days after the request is received. Students may continue to learn remotely until the meeting is held.

    Parents who wish to seek a medical exemption should click here. The form must be signed by a health care provider stating that the student or an individual in his/her household has a high-risk medical condition as defined by the Center for Disease Control (https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/need-extra-precautions/people-with-medical-conditions.html ). The appeal should be submitted to the student’s counselor within two weeks of receiving the notice.

    Students who do not enroll on campus and do not have a medical exemption will be withdrawn.

    Click here to for Medical Certification for COVID-19 High Risk Exemption

    Haga clic aquí para obtener la Certificación Médica para la Exención de Alto Riesgo COVID-19

Last Modified on January 20, 2021