I know this is a very crazy time. If you need any help with technology questions, please email me: khollingsworth@cisd.org. Know I am here for you! I love and miss all my students! We will make it through this!!!




    Welcome to Mrs. Hollingsworth’s

    Computer Lab!

    The computer lab is the best classroom on campus if you ask me! I love getting to teach students all kinds of different things they will use on the computer. I can promise that we do work hard, but it is also lots of fun! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Technology is the future and we are ready to make sure we are all ready to show the world how ready we are for that!   

    Parents, if you ever have any questions feel free and contact me here at the school. My conference period is 2:00 - 2:45 and you can call and set up to come to see me then or feel free to email me. I try and check my email throughout the day and I know sometimes that is easier to get in touch with me. My school email is khollingsworth@cisd.org and the number to the school here is 903-874-6971.

     * I will be updating this site often, so make sure and watch for changes on this page, as well as my others. I will add neat webpages as I find them and think they will be something the students might use.  If your child finds a neat webpage that they think we might like to share with other students have them bring me the website or email it to me and I will look into it and see if it is something that we can use and add.