• Our Classroom rules are pretty simple. 
    1. Respect teacher, students, and equipment.
    2. Listen to teacher and carefully follow all directions.
    3. Work quietly and do not carefully others.
    4. Leave all equipment in better condition then you found it.
    5. Know that learning computers is fun to do! 
    Come in and sit down in front of my screen without talking or touching anything.
    Listen for directions to be given and then follow them. If you have questions or don't understand...ASK!!!
    Work at your computer without talking unless told different by the teacher.
    When time to leave make sure and SIGN OUT, stand up, push your chair in and stand until told to line up. 
    Every student starts off with a 95 in my class and can go up and down from there. I can say that as long as they do what is expected of them and do not get into any trouble they usually always work their way up to 100 before the nine weeks is over.