• Patti Welcome! 
    My name is Patti Woodall.  I teach reading/math intervention in  grades Kindergarten-5th grade at Bowie.  I  I love reading and I love to work with children.  Feel free to contact me if you have any question about one of your students and reading at Bowie.  I would love to help you in any way that I can. You can reach me at pwoodall@cisd.org or call Bowie Elementary 903-872-6541. 
    8:05-8:55  Tiger Time 2nd Grade
    9:00-9:50 Tiger Time 3rd Grade 
    9:55-10:45 Tiger Time 4th Grade 
    11-12:35 Lunch/Conference
    12:45-1:35 Tiger Time 1st Grade
    1:40-2:10 Tiger Time Kindergarten
     2:15-3:05 Tiger Time 5th Grade
    Objectives for 2nd-5th:  We will learn about spelling patterns. I (the student) will be able to spell words using spelling pattern.
                      Kindergarten-1st:  We will learn letters and their sounds. I (the student) will be able to recognize letters and the sounds they make.
    Classroom Rules: 
    Be responsible, Be respectful, Be ready to learn
     How can you as a parent help?  Listen and read with your child each night.  Also, have a conversation with them.  
    This will help their communication skills.