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  • Important Dates

    •  April 9th- Field Trip Permission form and money due
    • April 9th- Palace Theater
    • April 10th- Kinder Promotion Pictures
    • April 12th- Mayborn Field Trip
    • April 15th- National Valunteer Week 
    • April 16th- Eggs and baskets due
    • April 18th- Easter Party 12:30- 1:15pm
    • April 19th- School Holiday
    • April 22nd- School Holiday
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  • Please have your child practice

    these words at home. 

    Thank you for your help!

    the   in   he   as   at       

    of   is   was   with  

    be and   you   for  

    his   this   a   that  

    on   they   have

    to   it   are   I  


  • Math  

    Students wil identify the coins and their worth. Students will study basic forms of measurements and personal financial literacy.

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  • ELAR

    Sight words: review all sight words. We will continue to develop comprehension skills and work towards a reading level of 5 in their baggie books. We will learn about inferring, key events, setting, big idea, and characters. Also students will retell stories and develop dictionary skills. Retelling stories using a dictionary. 


    Phonics: Phonics is cvc, ccvc words and blends.

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  • Writing  

    We will be able to write at least a three to five-sentence story on topic. We are also working on refining handwriting. Students will write a research paper with guidance.  

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  • Science We are exploring organisms and their environments focusing on the life cycle of the chicken, butterfly, and plants.
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  • Social Studies  
    Students will explore geography, places and how technology has changed jobs.
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  • ♥Dress Code -Remember that socks have to be dress code colors and match.

    ♥No cargo shorts or pants! 

    ♥Girls – please wear shorts under jumpers, dresses, or skirts. 

    ♥The tardy bell rings at 7:45.  Your child has to be in his or her classroom by then! 

    ♥Please write your child's name in thierjackets/coats.


    ******Please make sure your child is dressed weather appropriate. Jackets worn inside the building must be a solid, dress code color. Undershirts that show must be dress code colors. Please write your child's name in his or her jacket.

     Field Trips:

    We have MANY upcoming field trips. On each field trip, we ask students to wear their Bowie Kindergarten T-shirt and closed toe shoes for safety. On every field trip, you child is encouraged to bring their lunch and drink in a disposable sack or your child may get a sack lunch from the cafeteria.


  • ♥  Teacher's Wishlist  ♥ 

    Ware: baby wipes and clear plastic punch cups

     Lavene: glue sticks and crayons

     Juarez: baby wipes and clear plastic punch cups

     Jordan: glue sticks and clear plastic punch cups

     Hill: Easter prizes for our hunt




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