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    Welcome to the Bowie Elementary First grade page! We hope that you find the information provided on this page helpful in answering any questions you may have regarding your child. Please be sure to check back often for important information, upcoming events, and helpful resources for your child to use at home. The following is the contact information for the first grade teachers:


    Tia Cook - tcook@cisd.org

    Miriam Hailey - mhailey@cisd.org

    Taylor Jones - tjones@cisd.org

    Ashley Lester - alester@cisd.org

    Misty Vasquez - mvasquez@cisd.org

    Kathy Ware - kware@cisd.org


    Please feel free to contact us anytime by email or call the office at (903) 872-6541.

    Our conference time is 9:40-10:30.

    *Please check your child's teacher page for lunch time, schedule, and additional information.