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    Welcome to the web page for Dyslexia Therapy!
    It is my hope that you can use the information found on this page to inform, educate, and empower students who have dyslexia so that they can discover their gifts and talents. At the same time, they learn to overcome obstacles and become better readers, writers, and learners.
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    Gay Lyn Duncan M.Ed., CALT, LDT 
    Dyslexia Therapist ; Irlen Scotopic Screener
    Bowie Elementary, Sam Houston Elementary, Corsicana Middle School (testing), Corsicana High School (testing)
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    Nightly Dyslexia Homework & Skills Practice
    Monday-Thursday students will have assigned practice which may include:
    * cursive handwriting - 2 rows of a letter including finger spacing
    * RAP page(s) students are to read out loud the bottom third of a page of words that incorporate the new learning for the day's lesson
    *Instant Words - students read aloud 10-20 of the most commonly used words in the English language presented in a variety of ways
    *Rate Packet - after completing lesson 35 students will practice reading for fluency.  These pages should be read aloud nightly for 30 seconds each.
    Parents, please make sure that homework calendars are initialed so that students receive credit.