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    Pictured: Phyllis Reagan, Lindsay Olsen, Holly Pair, Donna Hill, JoBeth Ellis 

    Welcome to the Dyslexia Therapy Page!


    It is our hope that you can use the information found on this page to inform, educate, and empower students who have dyslexia so that they can discover their gifts and talents. At the same time, they will learn to overcome obstacles and become better readers, writers, and learners.

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    During the COVID - 19 extended reslease of school, your child's therapist can be reached between the hours of 8:00 and 4:00. If she doesn't answer, please leave a message as she may be on another call or video conference, and she will return your call at her earliest convenience. You are always able to e-mail us as well with your questions or concerns.

    Phyllis Reagan

    Dyslexia Therapist

    Sam Houston Elementary, Bowie Elementary, and Fannin Elementary


    Can be reached at (903) 654-2275 during COVID - 19 period.



    Holly Pair

    Dyslexia Therapist

    Carroll Elementary, Bowie Elementary, and Navarro Elementary



    Can be reached at (903) 641- 6363 during COVID - 19 period.

    Donna Hill

    Dyslexia Therapist

    Collins Intermediate School, Bowie Elementary, Navarro Elementary


    Can be reached at (903) 326-9963 during COVID - 19 period.


    Lindsay Olsen 

    Dyslexia Teacher

    Bowie Elementary,  Sam Houston Elementary, Fannin Elementary
    Can be reached at (903) 641-5311 during COVID - 19 period.

    JoBeth Ellis

    Dyslexia Therapist
    Corsicana Middle School, Collins Intermediate School
    Can be reached at (903) 641-5206 during COVID - 19 period.