• 2022-2023 Classroom Procedures and Rules


    Take-Home Folder- Your child has a daily folder. This folder is where they keep their daily homework, school notes/newsletters/flyers, and other materials. 


    Graded Papers - Your child will bring home weekly graded papers on Wednesday. Please look over, and sign the "graded papers" log.


    Homework- Spelling words, math fact fluency, math practice, reading fluency, and comprehension practice will be included.


    Changes in Transportation

    If there is ever a change in your child’s transportation, for the day or permanently, please send a note in his/her Take-Home folder or call the office by 2PM. If there is not a note or a phone call from the office, your child will be sent home by their regular means of transportation.



    Bowie Elementary School

    Third Grade

    Classroom Discipline Plan


    Bowie Basics

    I will be respectful.
    I will be responsible.
    I will be safe.
    I will build relationships.
    I will be prepared.

    Conduct Consequences

    1.  Teacher/student conference

    2.  Loss of privileges (teacher’s discretion)

    3.  Contact parent or guardian. Additional loss of privileges (teacher's discretion)

    4.  Office referral


    Nine Week Citizenship Grading

    Check with your child's teacher on their procedures.