• Bowie Third
    Third grade goes to specials between 12:15-1:05, which is also our conference period.
    If you need to reach your child's teacher by phone, this is the best time.
    Please call the Bowie front office at (903) 872-6541. Thank you!


  • Third Grade Lunch Schedule
    11:25-11:55      Roberts and Palos
    11:30-12:00      Gonzalez and Hill
    11:35-12:05        Gillen
    Recess is from 2:40-3:00 PM.
    If the "feels like" temperature is 100 degrees or higher, an alternate activity of teacher's choosing will replace outside recess. This is for the safety of our students.
    If you would like to have lunch with your student, please check in at the office to receive a visitor sticker. As a reminder, you may not bring other students (other than your own) food. Thank you for your cooperation!
    Dress Code Reminders
    Please remember that all outerwear that will be worn in the building must be a solid CISD approved color. Additionally, pants may not have cargo pockets and tights and socks must be of a solid CISD approved color.
    If you require assistance with clothing items, please visit the CISD Clothing Center located across from Drane.

    Contacting 3rd Grade Teachers
    If you need to contact your child's teacher, you can call and leave a message in the front office. The phone number is (903) 872-6541. Please note that transportation changes must be called in before 2 PM so that the message will reach your child's teacher.

    You may also email your child's teacher:
    Mrs. Lisa Gonzales-lgonzales@cisd.org
    Mrs. Tiffany Gillen- tgillen@cisd.org
    Mrs. Teresa Hill-thill@cisd.org 
    Mrs. DeLinda Palos- dpalos@cisd.org
    Ms. Brooke Roberts- broberts@cisd.org